boxing clubs


  • boxrun activities can be a positive educational introduction to how cancer can effect children.
  • physical fitness boxrun pledge drive activities can help your students mind, body  & soul. 

Boxing Clubs - Join us  

Mike grew up in boxing clubs, the people in and around these clubs helped shape the Olympic Boxer and person that Mike has become. Boxing clubs are a great link to family and communities. BoxRun Charitable Foundation welcomes any Boxing Club who wants to join in our fight to KO Childhood Cancer. Email to get involved. 

schools - children helping children

Children helping children, there is nothing better than that. What a great way to help teach children the power of community involvement. The children in your school can make a big difference in helping us knock out childhood cancer. Email to get your school involved.

Businesses - A Boxrun day at work

A fun way to get your coworkers involved. A day of Gold to help in the fight against Childhood Cancer. If you and your colleagues want to purchase BoxRun T-Shirts to help BoxRun raise funds we can arrange ahead of your BoxRun Day At Work. Plus, we will Skype Mike in LIVE from the run to talk to you and your colleagues. Email Info@BoxRun.orgto get involved.


Runners - you guys get us

Anyone who runs knows the pain that Mike will be going through running a marathon a day for 90 days. The burning desire to knockout childhood cancer is what drives Mike, what drives you? Mike welcomes runners along the way to help us KO Childhood Cancer. Help us fund raise, ask us about our pledge drive sheets. Email to get involved.

  • organize a team of runners to run some miles with mike during the boxrun is a great way to help.
  • adding pledge drive fund raising is another great way to help. 

Running clubs

  • Add some excitement to your workplace, organize a boxrun day.
  • challenge your co-workers with a pledge drive  to help boxrun knock out childhood cancer.
  • Together we can make a difference 
  • boxers don't know how to quit. This makes you the perfect partners to help knockout childhood cancer
  • help us help kids by holding a pledge drive at your club 

  90 Marathons in 90 Days