Our founder - Michael (mike) Strange

2012 - Mike runs from Thunder Bay Ontario to Vancouver, in tribute to his hero Terry Fox

2013 - BoxRun Foundation is born, with the aim to fund vetted research labs working on cures for childhood cancer

 2014 - Mike runs from St.John's Newfoundland to Niagara Falls, Ontario, a marathon a day for 94 days, to raise money for BoxRun

2016 - Mike and team of supporters climb Mont Blanc in France for childhood cancer research

2018 - BoxRun has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to date, to fund labs such as the stem cell research institute at McMaster University, as well as family support programs to make life a little easier for the patients and families

Foundation moments

corporate support

We continue to welcome corporate donors.

mission & vision

To help knock-out childhood cancer, and give the kids a normal life free from fear of the future.

My motivation is the children. Period. I spent many years fighting in the ring, but never met tougher fighters than the young ones who fight for their lives everyday.  People ask me to come and speak to the children for inspiration, but in fact for me it's the other way round.


Our hundreds of volunteers have made all the difference during long days on the road, as well as in the community. Find out how to become our partner.